CyberJudicata Weekly Debrief (3/30–4/3)

This week's Weekly Debrief includes articles on cybercriminals targeting Zoom, Google, and Teams, Marriott's second data breach, best practices to manage third-party risk, privacy settings on Zoom, and coronavirus-era surveillance and biometric systems posing privacy problems.


  • SC Magazine – Cybercriminals targeting Zoom, Google and Teams domains

  • ​"The increased video conferencing activity due to COVID-19 has given cybercriminals the opportunity to use typosquatting and URL hijacking by imitating many of the top conferencing platforms."

  • The Hacker News – Marriott Suffers Second Breach Exposing Data of 5.2 Million Hotel Guests

  • ​"International hotel chain Marriott today disclosed a data breach impacting nearly 5.2 million hotel guests, making it the second security incident to hit the company in recent years." At the end of February 2020, we identified that an unexpected amount of guest information may have been accessed using the login credentials of two employees at a franchise property," Marriott said in a statement."

  • DarkReading – Best Practices to Manage Third-Party Cyber-Risk Today

  • ​"Just five years ago, many companies focused their cyber defense efforts almost entirely on their own organizations. Today, they are increasingly concerned about third-party risks, with good reason.According to Ponemon Institute's "US Cost of a Data Breach Study," third-party organizations accounted for 42% of all breach cases, dropping only slightly from 44% of all cases in 2008."

  • Wired – Coronavirus Sets the Stage for Hacking Mayhem

  • ​"THE NOVEL CORONAVIRUS has impacted the global economy, daily life, and human health around the world, changing how people work and interact everyday. But in addition to the pressing threat the virus poses to human health, these rapid changes have also created an environment in which hackers, scammers, and spammers all thrive."


  • Popular Science – Check these privacy and security settings before your next Zoom video chat

  • ​"There’s a good chance you hadn’t heard of Zoom when 2020 started. Unless you regularly participate in business-focused video chats, the enterprise-oriented tool wasn’t part of your regular routine. Then came COVID-19 and social distancing, of course, making video chat the closest option many people have for responsible face-to-face interaction. Suddenly, Zoom’s typical uses—earnings reports, powerpoint slides—started living alongside online happy hours and remote board game sessions."

  • CSO Online – New coronavirus-era surveillance and biometric systems pose logistical, privacy problems

  • "As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the globe, new surveillance methods are already raising new privacy and security challenges despite the still-early days of this crisis. Chief among these potential problems is the sudden turn by the government toward using geolocation data to track millions of Americans' cell phones in monitoring the spread of the disease."

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