CyberJudicata Weekly Debrief (1/27–31)

This week's Weekly Debrief covers a variety of issues, including the Wawa data breach, a Maryland judge's ruling on an insurance case regarding IT damages, ransomware targeting ICS and a US government contractor, Clearview AI, and building compliant data privacy systems.

Data Breach



  • EFF – Clearview’s Face Surveillance Shows Why We Need a Strong Federal Consumer Privacy Law

  • ​"The New York Times’ recent story on Clearview AI, maker of a secretive facial recognition app that markets its product to law enforcement, has raised critical questions about what can be done to protect our privacy online. Clearview claims to have amassed a dataset of over three billion face images by scraping websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Venmo."

  • – Data Privacy: Building Compliant and Adaptable Systems

  • "The landscape of data privacy law has changed significantly over the last five years. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect in the EU in May 2018, data privacy compliance obligations forever changed for companies around the globe. For the first time, companies had to recognize new rights for consumers regarding their personal and sensitive data or face serious penalties."

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